Save Red Hall Playing Fields

Keep Red Hall green

An East Leeds Consultation You'll Understand

You might reasonably have consultation fatigue, given that the Site Allocations Consultation just closed. You might have thought that consultation little more than technical gobbledegook. But you ploughed through anyway, even though it was large and covered all of Leeds, not just the fields. Thanks!

Now, though, Leeds City Council has opened a consultation we can all understand. This is the East Leeds Extension consultation and it’s the one where you can phrase your concerns in plain English about the lack of green space in the area, traffic, noise, pollution and infrastructure issues.

It runs from today, November 20th 2015, to January 29th 2016, and there will be events to support it, two of which are local to the fields. Those are:

  1. Mon 30 Nov, 3pm to 8pm Fieldhead Carr Community Centre
  2. Thur 3 Dec, 2.30pm to 6.45pm Wellington Hill Residents Association

While it remains our position that the fields should not be allocated for housing at all when so much housing is being built around them, this consultation will let you express your thoughts about Red Hall in plain English.

The online form for this is significantly easier to understand than the last consultation.

About time!