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In Memory of Acer, 2004-2015

Acer 2004-2015 by AceGarp


We received this from Gary and Elaine Marlow, daily users of the fields.

[It] would be great if you could include the attached photo of Acer on the Save Red Hall Playing fields website. Unfortunately we had to have him put to sleep in October this year due to illness. He spent many happy hours on the field with myself and or my wife Elaine and as a result of those frequent visits we all made a number of new friends, and even if we didn’t know all their names we knew the names of their dogs ! Acer was a special dog and he has left a massive hole in our lives so to ease the pain of losing him we now have a 3 month old cross breed puppy called Carly which we got from the Dogs Trust and whilst she could never replace Acer she is certainly keeping us busy!

I have personally been using the field for 50 years for recreation and losing it would be a massive blow to the available recreational community open space. We hope that the campaign to save the fields from development is successful so we can look forward to many more years of dog walking on the field together with the other many dog walkers that use the land alongside the many other visitors.