Save Red Hall Playing Fields

Keep Red Hall green

Thanks to the Bulb Planters!

Braving what was threatening to look like some nasty weather, a steady stream of hardy planters assembled on the fields to plant daffodil bulbs for next spring. While the grass around the now somewhat ornamental dead trees was initially tough to get through, everyone developed their own technique, and planting in this area makes it easier for for the regular mowing to avoid the planting areas.

Job done; tea and cake by AceGarp

The sun managed to come out by the time we were finishing, just in time for some well-earned tea and excellent buns (thanks Georgia!), and the knowledge that next spring we’ll see a big splash of colour right in the central area of the fields.

Many thanks to those who stiffened their upper lip and joined us, and many thanks to Groundwork and their bulb bonanza Leeds programme. We’ve got something special to look forward to in spring!

You can see the pictures from the day here.