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What Are Tests of Soundness?

The National Planning Policy Framework 2012 sets out the four Tests of Soundness against which the Site Allocations Plan will be assessed by the Planning Inspectorate. Leeds City Council has annotated these tests with its own explanations. Those explanations are in italics below.

A sound [site allocations] plan will be:

Positively prepared

The plan should be prepared based on the Core strategy which seeks to meet objectively assessed development and infrastructure requirements, including unmet requirements from neighbouring authorities where it is reasonable to do so and consistent with achieving sustainable development.

The Leeds Core Strategy has already been Adopted and its objectively assessed development (i.e. the housing and employment needs of the District up to 2028) has already been established, along with the spread of development between HMCAs. For the purposes of this consultation you can comment on whether you feel the SAP and AVLAAP fits with the Core Strategy policies.


The plan should be the most appropriate strategy, when considered against the reasonable alternatives, based on proportionate evidence.

If you think that the Council has not provided enough justification / evidence to release a site for development or to discount a site then it is likely that your comment relates to this test of soundness.


The plan should be deliverable over its period and based on effective joint working on cross-boundary strategic priorities.

If you think that the Council’s SAP or AVLAAP does not provide enough suitable, available or achievable and viable sites for development, including with sufficient infrastructure up to 2028 then it is likely to comment relates to this test of soundness.

Consistent with national policy

The plan should enable the delivery of sustainable development in accordance with the policies in the National Planning Policy Framework.