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Preliminary Greenspace Deficit Projections - Can You Help?

At our meeting with Cllr Gruen last Wednesday, I said I’d prepare a document to detail the projected loss of green space with the arrival of thousands of new residents.

Apologies for the delay – it’s taken a little time to put together. It’s based on the 2013 East Leeds HMCA greenspace analysis which is itself based on 2011 census data. It details five different scenarios: 1. Nothing changed since the document was produced; 0 new houses, all stats from the 2013 HMCA greenspace analysis are as per that PDF 1. As now; Grimes Dyke built, slight erosion of green space per capita 1. Northern Quadrant built; just under 5K new residents 1. ELE built; just under 10K new residents 1. All draft allocations built out; 11K new residents

We need your help! Could you look at the resulting PDF and tell me if it makes sense and if you can see anything that’s been missed? Particularly, I’m interested in whether I’ve missed any house building or any sites that have been deleted from green space analysis (Grimes Dyke is already accounted in scenario 2 as it’s been built on – 350 houses).

You don’t necessarily have to look at the detail on the first few pages (though that would be very helpful) – just the charts and the assumptions towards the end. If there’s any way I can make it easier to understand, please get in touch at the usual address.

There’s also an Excel export if you have it – but haven’t a Windows machine to test it on. Likely not to have charts!

If there are no objections/corrections, I’ll publish it – and our summary – to this site later this week.

Many thanks,