Save Red Hall Playing Fields

Keep Red Hall green

Deputation Key Points

(full text of the deputation)

Overview 3 by AceGarp

  • We would like Leeds City Council to commit to not selling the fields. If they’re sold, it puts their future in the hands of developers, not the public.
  • Increasingly rare spaces like this are invaluable in helping people manage their health and fitness.
  • Crossgates and Whinmoor Ward has a shortage of green space as defined in the Core Strategy. That space is being further eroded (Grimes Dyke constitutes a loss of 4.3ha of amenity space in the ward in the last 18 months alone).
  • Other sites in the green wedge have been safeguarded from development despite not being publicly accessible (or, in our opinion, half as beautiful as these fields)

    Red Hall Dec by AceGarp

  • The fields are the setting of Red Hall House, itself a heritage asset. Building constitutes damage to this setting.
  • Errors have been made in the scoring (which we have pointed out to the Site Allocations team, but they have rejected our corrections as they were outside a statutory consultation period. The last consultation period was fully two years ago)
  • The fields are still to be considered in greenspace surplus and deficit analysis, despite their planned downgrade.
  • This is our only green space within walking distance – of any typology .